about us
Putting the CARE back into aftercare!

We are a family of families dedicated to growing awesome South African children!

We offer affordable out of school care to pre-school and primary school children at our centres across the country. More than 3000 children come through our doors each day and we consider it a great privilege to support parents, schools and communities.

We want all kids to feel AWESOME about who they are, so our programmes have been designed to grow core capabilities in kids, so they flourish in life. We offer a range of programmes including, our after school, before school and school holiday programme.


In Line with PlayBoard NI we believe:

We aim to deliver a ‘fresh and vibrant’ approach to Out Of School Care, and to “give children such a great time that they do not want to go home!”

1. We believe that play is a fundamental right of childhood and is central to children and young people’s development;

2. We recognise, respect and value the voices of children and young people, putting their play needs at the core of everything that we do;

3. We are committed to working collectively in partnership with schools, parents and staff;

4. We respect and embrace diversity

5. We recognise diversity in skills, and seek to provide all staff with an opportunity to flourish.

Our core values

These are the values you can expect from us, and the values we look for in franchise owners working in our local communities.


First and foremost, for ourselves, the children in our care and the families & school communities we partner with.

Care and Curiosity

At the heart of all we do. Actively embracing each other's ideas and valuing our diversity for the strength it brings.


We are always willing to step into the shoes of the other person. Understand their feelings and use that to guide our actions.

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Flexibility in both mind and body counterbalanced by the ability to recover when things don't go according to plan.


At its source: joy and passion. Our environment inspires this for all staff and children alike.

Club Engage Head Office Team

Supporting Our Local Communities

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Genevieve Allen
Managing Director

Genevieve’s twenty-five years’ experience in Education focused on brand development and operational excellence which is in tune with customer needs and market trends. Her experience was gained at the JSE listed Advtech Group in the position of managing director of two of their tertiary education brands, Rosebank College and College Campus. While at Advtech Genevieve served as a member of the Group Executive Committee for over five years.

She holds an undergraduate qualification in Marketing, an MBA from Edinburgh Business School and has recently attained a Masters in Business Innovation from Deusto University in Spain.

“After working in the education industry for 20 years, I have a passionate commitment to learning in South Africa. As such, I was motivated to launch this business and offer an out of school hours programme that works.”

Stephanie Carter
National Operations Manager

Stephanie has her Post Graduate Diploma in Educational Leadership and Management and brings along with her a number of tutoring and lead teacher positions at various schools within Johannesburg. She has also held a Principal portfolio where she gained experience in managing and maintaining an effective operational school that included aftercare and ensuring the fostering of parent as well as student relations.

Stephanie is responsible for quality assurance, franchisee and staff operations support as well as heads the training portfolio for our teams working at our various Club Engage centres.

Ray Wilke
Regional Manager

Ray started his career in the Building Society field and moved onto a career with Major Companies in the FMCG Industry. He has held roles as Regional Sales Manager, National Sales Manager and National Accounts Manager. He has been employed by NCP Yeast, Illovo Sugar and Rainbow Chicken Limited. He sums his philosophy up

“If we look internally into anything we do, being it within our own business or personal life, it is those very important people that we deal with on a daily basis, how we treat and respect them is the key to success.”

Ray works with site teams in offering support in working with clients to find value- adding solutions and ensuring are teams are motivated as they are able to contribute to the purpose of Club Engage.

Doriann Hewlett
Office Manager

Doriann has 18 years of experience in working with children from teaching to being a principal of a nursery school.

She studied towards her ECD qualification. She is very passionate about working with children and helping them become the best they can be. She has run and managed a few aftercare centre’s over the past 3 years. Doriann has also assisted in the training of Sherpa Kids staff and working on the ground with a few of our partner schools.

Sean Coughlan
Training Manager

Father of five boys (aged 8 to 26), Sean holds an M.Ed. with post-graduate specialisation in Special Education (Remedial). Sean’s almost 46 years in the education sector includes 20 years at Rhodes University as a lecturer in the Education Department and many years as a High School and Primary School teacher. In addition, he was Education Officer for the 1820 Foundation in Grahamstown where he was responsible for administering and planning Southern Africa’s (annual) English Olympiad, National School’s Festival of English and many other varied educational offerings.

Sean is perfectly positioned to ensure that the Club Engage out of school care (including before school, aftercare and holiday care) solution is perfectly matched to the needs of South African parents, their children and our schools. Responsibility for Training and Quality Assurance completes Sean’s Club Engage portfolio.

Our Staff

When interacting with your children

When interacting with your children, our staff Will:

  • Establish a rapport with your children
  • Encourage children to communicate, explore and be creative and spontaneous
  • Allow children to make decisions, problem solve and express and share their thoughts and opinions
  • Assist children in developing positive relationships with other children
  • Use praise and reinforcement with children to boost self-esteem
  • Encourage and motivate good practice
  • Celebrate children’s efforts and achievements
Club Engage programmes are developed to:
  • Provide challenging and interesting age appropriate activities
  • Engage and stimulate children’s physical, intellectual, social and creative abilities
  • Plan for a range of daily indoor and outdoor
  • Enable children to participate in quiet/active activities, as well as small group or individual activities
  • Encourage children to feel part of the school and wider community
  • Be evaluated regularly by children, parents and staff using a variety of assessments and strategies

“THROUGH INVESTMENTS in the professional development systems that promote the building of knowledge and competencies in the afterschool professionals influencing our nation’s youth AFTERSCHOOL PROFESSIONALS WILL BEGIN TO SEE THEMSELVES IN THE TERMS THEY ARE DESCRIBED, as true professionals” Warner, G. H., Ham, H., & Fenton, M. P., 2018

According to the National Aftercare Association in the USA:
A person who is well-suited to the out of school profession displays the following dispositions:
  • Delights in and is curious about how children, youth, and others grow and learn.
  • Appreciates the unique and vital role of family, school, and community in the lives of children and youth.
  • Values ongoing professional development and continually seeks ways to increase knowledge and skills.
  • Reflects on the personal beliefs and values that influence attitudes and practices.
  • Respects and values the diversity found among children and youth, their families, in the world and understands that diversity impacts all areas of practice.
  • Values imagination, creativity, and learning through exploration, both in children and youth, themselves, and others.
  • Is flexible, resilient, and collaborative, especially in the face of change or uncertainty.
  • Takes care of themselves to be best prepared to care for those they serve.
  • Recognizes that quality out of school programmes support families, children, and youth, and bridge school and home.
  • Avoids perfectionism and embraces ongoing learning.