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Family & Community Involvement

If your family or child has a special day or significant event you would like us to celebrate or share, please discuss this with staff. Community and school involvement is also encouraged at our service as we feel the information and experiences this can provide, can add to a child’s development and learning experience.

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Club Engage Parent handbook

Club Engage | Santoshnee Maduray | Centre Director

Care solutions for parents that children love being part of

Our local franchise teams, who are community-based owner operators, provide a safe and secure environment for quality care of school aged children through a structured well balanced programme. They achieve this by thinking ahead, anticipating what children might like to do to keep them safe and happy each day. Planned activities and supervised free play, we provide quality learning outcomes for happy children that incorporate the local school communities’ values and ethos into our programmes.

Club Engage programmes are developed to:

  • Provide challenging and interesting age appropriate activities
  • Engage and stimulate children’s physical, intellectual, social and creative abilities
  • Plan for a range of daily indoor and outdoor
  • Enable children to participate in quiet/active activities, as well as small group or individual activities
  • Encourage children to feel part of the school and wider community
  • Be evaluated regularly by children, parents and staff using a variety of assessments and strategies
mom entrepreneurs
our franchise teams

Our franchise teams are made up of mom entrepreneurs who follow pre-set international best practice standards in all our National Club Engage centres, that are quality assured by our Head Office – unlike minders or au pairs at home who are normally job starters and do not work under direct supervision.

Our educators spend many hours to create our structured and stimulating programmes that allow for:

  • Daily themed activities
  • Safe & secure
  • Homework supervision
  • Fun & play
  • Social interactions with peers

Your child’s time with us is stimulating and fun. Don’t just let them play @ home, which normally results in rushed homework and too much screen time!

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Club Engage | Alizia Duarte E Sousa | Centre Director

Club Engage | Janine Hammond | Centre Director

our staff
When interacting with your children
When interacting with your children, our staff will:
  • Establish a rapport with your children
  • Encourage children to communicate, explore and be creative and spontaneous
  • Allow children to make decisions, problem solve and express and share their thoughts and opinions
  • Assist children in developing positive relationships with other children
  • Use praise and reinforcement with children to boost self-esteem
  • Encourage and motivate good practice
  • Celebrate children’s efforts and achievements
When your children are at one of our programmes, you can feel rest assured that all our Club Engage staff have:
First Aid Qualifications
Clear Criminal Records
Proven Childcare Experience
Behaviour Management Training
Childcare Training

why choose club engage

Kids love our engaging programmes, participating in adventurous, creative activities and good old-fashioned play.

This is not glorified “baby-sitting”. Activities are planned and each day has a new activity linked to the theme for the week. Every week we offer our REACH programme which includes activities in:

R - Run and Play (Supporting children's gross motor development through outdoor play, organised sport and game)

E - Experiments and Science (Future proofing by learning about the world around us

A - Arts (The Arts provide a place to explore creativity through crafts, dance, music and drama)

C - Create (Using team-based activities to build creativity, collaboration and communication skills that incorporate literacy, numeracy and life skills)

H - Health (Supporting children’s physical and emotional health and well-being through fun and supporting activities)

  • We focus on children’s health and safety
  • All staff have clear criminal checks
  • A staff:learner ratio of 1:15 allows for loads of engagement
  • We build positive relationships with the children and families
  • We offer a professional service with our core focus on CARE
Caring and loving each other, these two relatives
our programmes
We are there when you can't be!
Club Engage offers high quality childcare at an affordable price

Our services aim to give children “such a good time they just don’t want to go home!” Club Engage provides them with Homework supervision, opportunities to play, and engage them with fun, themed and stimulating activities.

Working on a child carer ratio of no more than 1:15, we deliver a fresh and vibrant approach to childcare. No matter what your afterschool needs are Club Engage offers flexible options to suit your family needs.

You can be rest assured that they are safe, secure and having a fabulous time, and don’t stress about being late for pickups from school again!!
Detailed Programme Information
Before Care

The right start to a child’s day is essential for great learning and Club Engage are able to care for children at our centres, before school begins for the day. Whether you are an early starter or need to travel a distance to work we would be happy to welcome your child into our care at either the start or end of the day.

A typical morning for your child

The right start to a child’s day is essential for great learning, Club Engage are able to care for your children before school begins for the day. A typical Before School daily routine would be:
  • Children arrive (signed in by parents)
  • Play-based activities
  • Tidy up
  • Children dismissed to classes

In line with Play Board NI we believe in the importance of play and the need to enhance children and young people’s access to quality play opportunities across the country. Weekly themes as well as a variety of activities are incorporated into the daily programme for aftercare. During Holiday Care each day has a new theme! The daily programme is an indication, only, of the types of activities the children will be involved with at any given time. However, depending on the children’s enthusiasm and interest, it may be varied at the discretion of the staff. We are all about building relationships with children so as to provide as much fun and stimulation as possible!

An afternoon with Club Engage

We’ll supervise their homework, let them play, then run a fun activity so parents can be rest assured that they are safe, secure and having a great time. A typical After School daily routine would be:

  • Roll call
  • Homework Supervision or a quiet activity
  • Planned Play-based activities - these are different every day
  • Free Play
  • Tidy up, quiet time
Holiday Care

Don't stress about the upcoming holidays! Our REACH Programme is designed to offer children an array of activities from Outdoor play, Experiments, the Arts to creative activities. Each day incorporates a new theme for young people to learn, play and to have fun. Do you need care because you don’t have enough annual leave, the children are bored at home or just wish to hang out with other children in a different environment, then bring them along. Our team offer fun and engaging programmes that are available all year round! We are open late in December and early in January every year and most of the Club Engage centres open as from 7am, and close at 6pm. Best of all loads of activities are provided to keep your children entertained.We make it easy on your schedule too. Enrol them for one day, two days or a full week and we service three term, four term private as well as public school holiday periods. For our local communities, flexibility is key!

Everyday is different, with lots of fun things to do

One day might include a visit from the Wacky Wizard, the next day your child could be making huts, castles and forts (don’t all children love doing this?). We like to spend time outdoors, experiencing the sunshine and letting our bodies move! Some days we focus on sporty activities and games, other days we might try fun food/cooking, experiments and the kids love anything to do with music, dance, karaoke, rapping & drama. We use 6 key areas to develop our day to day activities, and they are based on: