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Management Contract 

We work alongside the existing school employed Out of Schools Care staff in addition the appointment of a Club Engage Centre Manager and other dedicated CE staff under direction of CE Centre Director 

Full Outsourced 

An outsourced model that incorporates Club Engage taking responsibility for the

schools aftercare and Holiday Care service, possible absorption of current staff and a revenue stream for the school 

Training and Quality Assurance Service 

A review of current processes at each school will be undertaken and a gap analysis mapped to scope training required. Includes on-site training workshops and staffing review 


Club Engage | Zanele Shazi | Centre Director


The conditions for learning include the experience of physical, emotional, and identity safety; connectedness; and engagement and challenge. These opportunities include engaging, scaffolded activities that support young people in combining their past knowledge and experiences with what they are currently experiencing and learning. Rich learning environments provide intentional opportunities for children and youth to practice and apply new skills, reflect on program activities, receive ongoing support, and provide feedback.”

American Institutes for Research, 2019 NAA Guidelines"

our services
The delivery of our services are designed to reflect the needs of the children

All our programmes are provided in accordance with the requirements of the school and Club Engage Centre Policies and Procedures.

In collaboration with the school, and supporting its values and ethos, our programmes will be tailored to complement the curriculum and themes running in the school. The weekly theme is explored each day via planned, fun activities that are designed to link to the THE NAA STANDARDS FOR QUALITY SCHOOL - AGE CARE

According to the USA based NAA - The Core Knowledge, Skills and Competencies for Out-of-School Time Professionals (CKSCs) are grouped into ten content areas. These content areas are categories of knowledge that are widely used in the field and based on research.

  • Child/youth growth and development
  • Learning environments and curriculum
  • Child/youth observation and assessment
  • Relationships and interactions with children and youth
  • Youth engagement, voice, and choice
  • Equity and inclusion
  • Family, School and community relationships
  • Safety and wellness
  • Program planning and development
  • Professional development and leadership

The routines below are a guide to Club Engage Programmes, but they are flexible enough to cater to children’s enthusiasm and interest on the day and can be altered to suit at the discretion of the Centre Director. At all times we aim to provide a high quality environment for children which is welcoming, safe and stimulating where children are able to enjoy learning and grow in confidence.

The NAA Standards for Quality School-Age Care that is used by Club Engage serve as a guide on how we provide our service. NAA has 6 Areas of Childcare in order to deliver quality care.

  • Human Relations
  • Indoor Environment
  • Outdoor environment
  • Activities
  • Safety, Health and Nutrition
  • Administration
A typical Aftercare routine is linked to a weekly theme and follows our "REACH" Methodology
  • Monday: Run and Play - lets get moving!
  • Tuesday: Experiments and Science
  • Wednesday: Arts – Music, Drama and Artwork
  • Thursday: Create and Construct
  • Friday: Health and Wellness 
A typical Aftercare daily routine
  • Roll Call
  • Homework Supervision
  • Play - Based learning activities (e.g. Scavenger hunt, sports/games, crafts)
  • Outside play (weather permitting)
  • Tidy up, Quiet time and children picked up

American Institutes for Research, 2019 NAA Guidelines"

benefits to your school
An engaging Before Care, Aftercare and Holiday Care Programme
Customised programme to meet the school’s individual needs
Decrease the burden on current school staff involved in the Aftercare or Holiday care
Offer parents an affordable solution which is not simply “baby-sitting”
Supervised homework time built into the daily routine
Provides a marketing opportunity to attract new enrolments through a broader array of services to prospective parents
Our guarantee to your school

Our staff ratios are aligned with Club Engage International Best Practice of 1:15 for Aftercare to ensure adequate supervision. All our local staff are fully trained and engaged with the programme and the community and each week there will be a broad range of structured educationally stimulating fun activities.

There is the full support and quality control from our head office to our centre owners and managers, and our training for ALL staff covers, but is not limited to:

  • Club Engage Operational Procedures
  • Behaviour & Risk Management
  • Health & Safety, First Aid
  • Issue Resolution

We do not duplicate the school’s role in the education of children – we complement it. We meet with you and, if required, governing bodies / councils, to meticulously understand requirements of the school and your community.

Club Engage South Africa | Liza | Centre Director– North West

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